The 3rd generation Nest Learning Thermostat

Programs itself. Then pays for itself.

With its suite of efficient, autonomous features, the Nest Thermostat all but programs — and pays — for itself.

Highlights include:

  • Auto-Schedule
  • Eco-Temps
  • Remote Control
  • Farsight
  • Energy History
  • Nest Leaf

New Amana High Efficiency Central Air Conditioners

Replace Your AC with a Energy Star-Rated Central Cooling System

Enjoy efficiency and durability; put a top-quality, Amana-brand central air conditing and heating system in your home. With its industry-leading design and warranty, an Amana replacement will keep your house cool and help you conserve on utilities. With a single glance at the brand’s features and offerings, you’ll understand why property owners gravitate towards Amana. Their SEER product, for example, stands as one of the most efficient air conditioners on the market. But the benefits don’t stop with product descriptions; the pros at Ontario Carbon Reduction also provide expert service for all Amana products.

With Ontario Carbon Reduction, you get Lifetime Reassurance. Lifetime Warranty.

All Amana air conditioning systems come with a lifetime unit replacement warranty included. You family will enjoy the very best in energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, and cool, indoor comfort.

With Ontario Carbon Reduction, you get quality and professional installation.

Air Conditioner Installation project for a very happy client.

The Best Furnace Warranty in the Industry!

Amana 2-Stage High Efficiency Furnace Replacement

Ontario Carbon Reduction can replace your furnace with one of Amana’s high-efficiency and top-of-the-line models.

Our Professional Technical Advisors are equipped to help you create a tailored system that will perfectly suit your home’s specific needs.

For generations, homeowners have trusted the Amana brand to provide heating and cooling systems that maintain their top-notch quality for years. The brand prides itself on innovative engineering, world-class manufacturing processes, and its long history of dependable performance.

The trusted Amana brand prides itself on:

  • Generations of Dependable Performance
  • World-class manufacturing processes
  • Innovative engineering

Wide Selection of Brands

At Ontario Carbon Reducuction, we provide our clients with only the best in brand-name home products. Book a free consultation today to determine which of our solutions is best for you!

We offer the best tankless water heater in the industry!

A tankless water heater uses 30 to 50 percent less energy than units with tanks. Depending on your water usage, a replacement could save you $100 or more every year.

What the Program Offers

As one of our customers, you’ll enjoy:

  • Free installation* – a technician will drain your existing water heater as part of your installation, regardless of whether the original tank is privately owned or rented from another company. 
  • Unlimited service calls that will be fulfilled by our expansive network of highly-trained and licensed technicians.
  • Competitive monthly rental rates
  • Reliable, 24/7 customer service
  • Free parts and labour coverage for repairs or replacements*
  • The ability to transfer your program agreement to the next owner should you sell your home

Did you Know?

Having a rental water heater in your home may make you eligible to receive discounts on your home insurance. Contact your home insurance provider to inquire.

By switching over to an eco-friendly water heater, you may be eligible to receive government and/or utility provider rebates!

  • Natural Resources Canada
  • Ontario Ministry of Energy
  • Enbridge Gas

Wide Selection of Brands

At Ontario Carbon Reduction, we provide our clients with only the best in brand-name home products. Book a free consultation today to determine which of our solutions is best for you!