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Our mission as a leading Canadian environmental advocacy organization is to work with government, industry and individuals to defend clean water, a safe climate and healthy communities.

Join more than 250,000 Canadians who are working together to ensure a climate safe, toxic-free, healthy environment. Whether you sign an online petition, attend an event or workshop, register for email updates, or write a letter to a decision-maker, you make change happen.

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Ontario Carbon Reduction is a group of innovative, passionate and determined problem-solvers who are making a difference. We are policy experts, musicians, photographers and bloggers, supported by scientists, business leaders, lawyers and community members working hard to protect Canada’s environment and human health.



What you need to know about Ontario’s carbon market. Including the use of carbon offsets, who can participate, and what benefits are created.

Helping Ontario Families

Proceeds generated from carbon offsets are invested into projects to help Ontario families lower their energy consumption.

A Brighter Future

Ontario is responsible for less than 1% of global emissions but is one of the largest per capita emitters in the world.


Pests like rats use insulation materials as a base for their nest. They carry it through the air ducts and nestle.

Homeowners must immediately replace their infested insulation because it can cause health problems. HVAC experts like the ones at Ontario Carbon Reduction can help you with all your HVAC-related needs.

Mechanical Pests can also invade your air ducts if you have gaps in your insulation due to poor installation. It also affects the insulation’s efficiency to regulate heat loss and heat absorption.

carbon removal


Emissions reduction is not enough. We need to remove carbon from the atmosphere.

Draw down

Forests are the most proven, scalable and cost-effective means of drawing down atmospheric carbon.


Forests are underutilized due to an absence of reliable data. Pachama’s technology changes that.

With Ontario Carbon Reduction, you get Lifetime Reassurance. Lifetime Warranty.

All Amana air conditioning systems come with a lifetime unit replacement warranty included. You family will enjoy the very best in energy efficiency, environmental responsibility, and cool, indoor comfort.

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